2011-04-15 03:21:59 (UTC)

Traumas, Mary Poppins and More

I received a parcel in the post yesterday. It is always nice to get a parcel and this one made us all smile when I opened it - dusters. Sounds a little odd but I had been mentioning to my mum that I can't find orange dusters here. She obviously remembered and sent them as an Easter present with a lovely card suggesting that I do some spring cleaning. Another daughter might have felt offended but we found it funny. Even though it is autumn here, after 13 years, I still get the urge to clean and weed out old clothes etc at this time of year.

I had already started to have a big clean out of the spare room as Ollie has recently agreed to move in with India so we were going to give them the spare bedroom to use as a lounge, and put the double bed in the office. We knew his mum would not be pleased and, although I only know sketchy details, it appears that when he finally got around to telling her she argued that it would not be the right thing for him as it would make him feel awkward living with us. She has succeeded in putting him off. This seems a little odd as he spends more than half his time in our house as it is and we never seem to get in one another's way. Well, as you can imagine, India is very hurt. She is wondering if he didn't really want to move in and had been lying to her or if he is spineless, at 23, to be completely controlled by his mum. I don’t want to prejudice her by giving my opinion but I did say that boys are more immature than girls and are often far more tied to their mothers. Either way she feels let down and a bit betrayed. In a knee jerk reaction India has told Ollie to take all his clothes home and that he can't expect to stay here just when he feels like it (which Brent and I think is fair enough). Ollie thought she was joking at first and, unfortunately, can't see what all the fuss is about. This lack of empathy will, no doubt, make things worse. I hope it all blows over and they manage to get over it, but it could be the beginning of the end.

Mary Poppins:

I am looking for an original, unabridged Mary Poppins book. Not the Disney version but the original by P L Travers. An edition from the 50s or 60s, as the more recent versions have been revised to to be less racist and more pc. I think there are four books in the series: Mary Poppins; Mary Poppins Comes Back; Mary Poppins Opens the Door; and Mary Poppins in the Park, but I guess they wil be really difficult to find. I may look on TradeMe (our equivalent to E-Bay) too.


India tells me that my dad is now on Facebook. He has tagged her as his frend. His page has not been locked and, although I wasn't going to bother, curiosity got the better of me and I had a quick look at the photos. Now I feel like a voyeur