Kansas Girl

Pause Button Stuck
2011-04-15 03:23:22 (UTC)

Nice hiking weather!!

It is such a nice day outside!! A little breezy but other than that its so pretty! Rod has the day off, wish I did then maybe we could have done a walk or hike at Shawnee Mission Park (they have a bike trail that goes thru the woods) then do a picnic or something. Oh well, hes going to get his yard mowed then we are doing dinner at my house tonight, maybe hotdogs and tatertots who knows yet.

My chest feels alot better today, I can almost take a full deep breath in before I start feeling pain which is 100% better than 2 days ago thats for sure.

Thought about taking the boys to a Royals game this weekend but I seriously hate driving out there, paying 10.00 to park then ofcourse kids want all kids of expensive food so I probably wont do that and besides, Im pretty sure Rod works on Saturday so he probably wouldnt be off work in time to go with us. Speaking of sports, the Wizards dont play at home in thier new stadium again until June!! thats so long for me to wait to go to a game and see the stadium!! Oh well, guess I dont have any other choice right?

Im getting hungry for lunch and for once I didnt make a sandwich to bring, which normally I do. Im thinking a Subway sandwich since it is somewhat healthy and get the apple slices instead of chips...that sounds good!!

Tonight I have to do my Bob workout. I didnt do it last night however we did go on a walk so atleast thats something.

I gave Rod his 'gift bag" last night when we were about to watch a movie. I had two framed pics for his house, one of him and I and the other one was just of me. Also threw in there some of his favorite candy and a gumball necklace (inside joke) but I forgot one part of it at work dangit!! so I will give that to him tonight :)

Ok, back to work I go, then lunch soon!!

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