My Life
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2011-04-13 18:31:00 (UTC)

Are you foreal???!!!!

OK so now i'm being know as childish cause i stay in my dorm room and not hang out with my "friends", yeah right. Being in my room is much better than hearing "Just because your black." or "Typical black person." I shouldn't have to hear that everyday. But no i'm childish. I'm childish cause I was treated like i didn't exist until it was time for the dance. I'm childish cause i have sleep apnea and when the alarm clock goes off i sometime cant hear it cause i'm in a deep slumber. I'm childish because i got bitch out for my alarm clock on the day of my dead mothers birthday by a somebody who is suppose to be my "friend" and knew it was my moms birthday. But she didn't care cause my alarm took 30mins out of her sleep and she choose to do it in front of a lot of people to make a scene. And has to make it known they are going off campus like it's gonna make me jealous that i'm not your friend anymore. IDGAF y'all were only my college friends my real friends are at home the ones i can relay on the ones who has my back. Not ones who try to tell me what to do like i'm their child. This is only freshmen year it's not like we can choose to be best friends forever just because we have fun. I must admit we did have good times but because i'm a childish brat because i have sleep apnea and don't have a mother those times are just memories. So as I do me and get ahead in life they will be in the dust.

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