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2001-10-10 03:04:34 (UTC)


hey yes its finally 9 months well i dunno we broke up kinda
but i dont think we are countin it i dunno i thought hard
today i mean when i was drivin to school i was ealry to
haha that was weird and i woke up late i dunno i just didnt
want to go today but n they way there i was goin slow b/c i
wasnt usually late like i always am so i was thinkin wow 9
months with one guy and all the things i had done wrong
what i have learned and all that good shit in the middle
and i relized i cant live wihtout his love i dunno he is
awesome i learn so much from him even thought he isnt
perfect like i wnat him to be i can still have the
occational crys fights and all that i dunno so today was ok
i dunno some people really tick me off and then i tick
myslef off im such a bitch to people and then i chew them
out for what i do uh stupid right i dunno i try to talk to
everyone and ive been doin really good at that but i dunno
i just get annoyed sometimes b/c uh their person. are so i
dunno what am i doing sittin her and critizing peeps how
low can i go but im goin to try to be a better person im
goin to start w;ith watchin my lanugage and be nice to
everyone and dont act like a new yorker when i walk haha
right brian ...well speakin of brian we went out to eat
got pizza i dunno he jsut doesnt understand i like fast
food i dunno i eat it all the time so whats the diff he
doesnt im not yusedt to it i have a diff family well yea
talk about that later and then we went to a movie trannin
day i liked it my fav guy densie washinton that sad i cant
even spell his name haha newyas but what the main thing is
my mom shows up well me and eirin (brother) wanted to see
it what the hell but i dunno i know that bothered brian but
then we get in the car i was in a bad mood craps and all
that good shit haha and then my song comes on i turn it up
i usually leave it off cuz me and brian always talk well we
didnt at first so i figured i dunno listen to music i gues
that made him mad cuz after that he was like this is my
song ill talk to you lata and all that so right when he
does that i dunno that day went down the drain i dunno
sometime si make him mad and im too i dunno whats the word
to do anything about it so i go on thinkin wait what is
goin on i mean are me and brian even good for each other
? i leave myself thinkin that i dunno i need someone to
talk to maybe he can help........ or will he say im sorry
get over it i dunno mayeb i shoutl xoxox