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2011-04-14 01:35:02 (UTC)

Love me some Bob Harper!

Last night when I got home I tried my new Bob Harper workout video and loved it. There are 2 levels and you start on the first level until your comfortable with it and notice it's not "such a workout" anymore then advance to the experienced level. He uses weights and resistance training and flip flops back and forth from upper body to lower body while working your abs as well. I didnt think that a video could be motivating but it was really timed right meaning when you were doing like crunches and he says "5 more, I know you can do it" then "2 more dont give up on me now" its right about the time I was about to say screw it Im done. I didnt have weights last night so at lunch Im going to run and get some for tonights workout, kinda excited about it, not gonna lie :)

So my Dr just called me back and I guess the radioligist looked over my xray and seen fluid in my right lung so they put me on an antibiotic and requested I see my cardioligist because it may be associated to that. Perfect, just what I need.

Being Human season finale was good, Rod and I watched it together last night then he laid down with me till I fell asleep. He's so sweet to me and sometimes I dont think I deserve it.

Ok, I need to work now apparently thats why they pay me, so Im told lol

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