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2011-04-11 10:27:12 (UTC)

don't judge..

A year, its so long yet so short at the same time. Can such a time be long enough to forget something that meant so much to me? personally i think not but if you really want i'll put up a front, then it'll be fine and i'll be okay but i know deep down it will never leave my mind, i just wish she were more real to other people as she was to me..i'd give anything to have held her just once, felt how real she was, just felt her heartbeat next to mine..They might think i'm stupid for wanting such a thing but now i've realised im not stupid for this. Now i'm at the point where its been almost a year and i'm still having dreams that leave me in tears..I guess i just don't know what to do now its over, i can't go back and change things but where can i go from here..?