Reality Vs Dreams
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2011-04-11 06:25:01 (UTC)

Trauma with the past

I continue to think about the past. Even if i smile once in a while, or I may look happy, but deep inside there is fear, sadness, guilt, abuse. There is not one day that I go by without thinking what I went through when I was a child even being a grown woman I still did.

My dads memories have haunted me forever and I dont know how long this will be.. I just know that it will be forever... I think about it alot especially at night cause I have trouble sleeping. I constantly turn around back and fourth in bed just all these memories in my mind. Not everyone knows what is behind these little brown eyes.

I witnessed so much happening to my sisters and especially to my mom and my self. My dad should really be behind bars. Either for some time or what ever the laws were back in 1992. I know my dad is a changed person christian and into the word of god, also regrets all the suffering he caused to the family...

I got to go I'll write to you later bye