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2011-04-11 15:03:04 (UTC)

It's Official

Rod and I are officially together, facebook statuses and all (hahahaha). We had such an great weekend together, I wish it didnt have to come to an end so fast! Everything was great from making him dinner, to going to Brady's soccer game together, to shopping and helping him pick out some new clothes, to the scariest movie we have seen in a long time to even the little things like being at his house when he got off work and tonights "date night" and just sitting at my house watching Breakout Kings. I really liked having someone there with me at Brady's game. It was just me for so long I forgot what it was like. I think him and I spend the best times together regardless of what we are doing, whether its out doing stuff or cooking at home and finding a movie or a game to play.

Brady did great in his game, but they lost 4-2. I don't think I could ever get tired of seeing my boys play sports no matter what it is. I think for me thats probably in my top 5 things about being a parent. I wish thier dad would make more of an effort to be there for them, its sad they have grown to expect him to not show up or make up excuses. Its very sad and breaks my heart. I never wanted my boys to end up with an half ass father, I should have made better choices but then if I didnt they wouldnt be the same boys that I have grown to love lol.

While we were out Saturday he got me a gift. It's a necklace with a key dangling off of it. To make a long story short and give you the cliff notes as to what brought this on, I have a pink heart necklace that my ex fiancee gaave to me 4 yrs ago Valentines. I have been wearing that ever since. I thought about so many times taking it off because that relationship is gone and even tho it took me along time to get over it I think the final chapter was taking off the necklace and not wearing it on a day to day basis, and having like a fresh start. I didnt know how I would feel about it but when he gave me the one from him and I put it on I had this feeling of being able to breathe a bit more easier, Idk its hard to explain and maybe sounds silly but hey thats me right? He does or says something everday that either makes me smile, laugh or feel good about myself and I hope I do the same for him.

I cant wait till tomorrow nights date if he's off in time. We will get to lay in my bed and watch the season finale of Being Human....I kinda miss him already :(

Oh.....how could I almost forget this!!! he also took me to get my nose pierced! I have been talking about wanting to do it for awhile but just never got around too it because I didnt wanna go along. Didnt hurt really just made my eyes water lol.

Ok bedtime, I need sleep!!

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