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2011-04-10 05:10:05 (UTC)

About me and him :)

It's been a while that I was realized about my relationship status. Now, at this day it's already 1 month and 1 week already. We got so many problems at the middle of our relationship, LOL. It was so many things that we scared, one of it is "break". I love him so much, and I knew too that he loves me. 'Cause that I believe, every single problems that comes to us, we'll be finished it all.

About 1 month and 1 week, hmm.. Not really far enough. Honestly, I already had ex-boyfriend and it was already 1 years and 3 months, really far? Why you think me and my ex got break? Nah, He left me. He died. It was made me really stressed out. I swear I love him. And then next, I'am not believe in with many boys anymore. EXCEPT my BOYFRIEND now.

Yustinus Radityo Pradana, the boys who saved my life with his advices, the one who give me a spirit to live, who makes me happier than before, and ANYTHING. He is ANYTHING for me. That's why I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He is just the one from many boys that took my heart, from many boys that who I BELIEVE in.

The funny about US?
Me, I already got a lot of experience with my ex. But he's never. The funniest thing about US is, we're never talk together XD
We are always using a Chat to Chatting, but I feel enjoyed too :)
I hope someday, you might wanna talk 'LIVE' with me, not from YM or anything else that not using our own mouth.

Ok, thats all from this day I think..
Hmm.. I just wanna say ..

Be My Angle in MY Heart .

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