A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2011-04-09 11:44:40 (UTC)

Late Entry

This is a late entry for Friday done on Saturday. This will be the last time I write an entry for a previous day. Now all entries will be in real time......

When I finished work today I went home and took a shower that I meet up my sister. We went to see my brother's exhibition in the cafe in the village. Then we hooked up with my brother and went to an English shop and brought some English chocolate. we had a good time and bonded for the first time in a while. But unfortunately I cheated on my chocolate goals so I have to get back in point. When I came home I did not complete my five goals and I did not even workout so i will have to do that tomorrow (today) . I'm still not being the best person I can be at work and I must try harder next week to stay focused. Tomorrow (today) I will have to focus on doing my taxes.


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