Confessions of madness
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2011-04-09 12:39:51 (UTC)

M's 18th

So today is best friend m's 18th birthday bash. I've know her for about 7-8 years now and have loved her for about the same amount of time. We've been through everything together and i will continue to do so but in a few months time, my baby girl is going off to uni to be something and im still stuck here and everytime i go to her parties nowadays it really shows how behind on life i am. She goes to a completely different college to me so i very rarely get to spend time with her and i miss her something cronic. Shes my little sister, my best friend, shes my everything. She gets hurt, im hurt. If she cries, i cry. If shes happy, im extatic.
So tonight i have to go to her birthday thing with about 80 people i do not know and do not want to know. Im a friendly person and will get on with pretty much everyone but her A-level friends are just so up their own damn arses and think they are so much more intelligent then everyone else especially since im only doing a b-tec which at the end of i get 2 more a-levels then them but that means shit to them.
So i have to sit in a room with 80 people for 4 hours who im trying very hard to ignore until they start coming up one by one to me because they think im sleazy enough to get with them because i have an open relationship with my body. And then preform in front of said 80 people with a song that will probably make the brunt of jokes for the rest of the hours.
Doesn't this sound like a good night.

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