Confessions of madness
2011-04-08 22:50:12 (UTC)

Almost a year later.

So its been almost a year (probably an exageration) and boy how things have only slightly changed. My mother is up and down, i still pretty much carry her through everything but shes doing well in college even though shes tried to killherself in lessons before now.
J is in the same college as me and gives me the dirtiest of dirty looks everytime i go out for a fag. Sixx and me ended up back together and actually got engaged soon after my birthday just so about 2 months ago he could leave me for his little sisters best friend.
Life is just kinda drifting along at a strange pace at the moment and im just trying to forget reality as much as possible.

I got a message from an old friend a week ago which was strange as i haven't heard from him in 4 years since i told my old band that i wouldn't get back onto smack. The guy who was actually pressuring me into it died two weeks ago. Of guess what, smack. It just really hit home how to however shit my life is now, if i'd carried on that road, that would have been me who'd have drove myself into the gutter.

Anyway from now on im going to trrryy to record my life as i have decided (after some pursuision) to write and autobiography, or atleast get to this point as everyone seems to think my life is facinating. And seeing as drugs have stopped my memory working very well i thought it'd be helpful to actually document.