A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2011-04-08 00:01:25 (UTC)

School Project Is Done

Did not go to work today.Stayed home and finished up my school project for estimation class. I was up last night and realized that I was not going to finish. Will the truth is I bullsh*ted so I had to take the day off and call my supervisor in the morning. He did not sound all that pleased....well anyway!! I seemed to be off from what the professor got for the project. Maybe more that $200,000 off. That is bad! But I worked hard on the project anyway. I would just have to see what went wrong next week when I get it back. I did not get the chance to do anything else but I will try and run tonight for at least 10 minutes and tomorrow I'll try to mail out all the mails that need to be mailed out. I did not do my five goals today. I will make sure that tonight I will write them down. Also for Friday, I will try to get back on the point by trying to be focused, because I was not in school. I would also tried to hook up with my sister. We will see how that goes. That's all for now till tomorrow.

**(added Not on 4-9-11 also applyed for job)