Life as I know it
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2011-04-05 00:28:27 (UTC)

He's my rock...

All I have to say is thank god for my boyriend. Hes the only reason I think Ive made it this far through all of this. Hes been so sweet and supportive. Hes helpe me so much. While I struggle with the emotionally hurt of having to deal with my parents and the fact that I'm going to have to give up our baby hes been so amazing. Its been hard on him to but hes still helping me through. Hes so incredible. Hes had some trouble dealing with this to. Its sad but kinda cute at the same time just how much he cares not only for me bt for the baby as well. Hes going to make an awesome dad one day. And I'm so glad that hes been there for me through all of this. I know alot of guys esp younger ones that wouldve bailed as soon as they found out that the girl they were with was pregnant. But hes completely stepped up and taken all of this so well. Shows alot about him. I love him so much. I really could spend my life with him. And even though we cant keep this baby I hope that one day later on when we're oth ready that we can have a child together. Hes really the closest thing to an actual family that I have. My parents have never really been parents. Just kinda the people that let me live in their house. So I'm so glad tat I have him in my life. I dont think I could handle all of this without him.