The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2011-04-04 22:43:17 (UTC)

Hurt so Good

First day back at work was painful as hell, but at least i can say that i have a job to bitch about like this!
I had a hard time dealing with the pain in my legs; it's as if they were on fire..took about 3 pain pills at work then another one when i got home i am sure that I'm going to need one when i go to sleep and will most likely be sore as hell when i wake up, but it was all worth it to go back to my job..
It is windy as hell today and my brother came over to help me with a dresser then my TV that i took back to the store so i could put more money towards my electric bill before it gets shut off! I'm dumb, i don't know why i always fall back on that bill; I must be stupid or something, nothing too long today or meaningful, Just that I'm grateful to be alive today because i don't know what tomorrow will bring, off to shower then relax a bit before i hit the hay..

Until next time
Much Love,

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