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2011-04-05 05:24:37 (UTC)

The things that go through my mind....

So Rod "officially" met my boys on Friday night when we did movie night at the house and I met his kids yesterday when we did the picnic at the park. Things went really well, Chase asked me if we we were going to get married even and said he liked Rod, so thats good. He met my mom Friday night, and my step dad last night, and they are fine with him coming over and hanging out with me wich is great, that way it doesnt have to be just an every other weekend thing....makes it much easier to try and have a relationship. I like him, he makes me smile, we get along great, and he's very all about me which I havent had in a long time. I guess I just still have those moments of "glass half empty" attitude and waiting for the bad to start happening like catching him in white lies, or him start treating me differently once the new wears off. I really have trust issues and its always in the back of mind that he will cheat or leave and that its just a matter of time because its always happenend in the past. I keep telling myself I cant judge him on other's mistakes because I dont like it when guys did that to me but its hard, Im trying to work in it tho.

I cant wait till this weekend, I have my son's talent show, Rod and I are going to the mall on Saturday and I will stay at his house atleast one night if not both. Its nice to have someone to sleep next too again even if it is just a few times a month, I will take it!

On another note, according to the Wii Fit game I play/exercise with (no judging please, its fun) I have lost about 26 lbs since November!! thats exciting for me since I have a horrible time sticking to a diet and losing weight it seems.

Ok, I need to get some work done since I finished my sammich :)

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