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2011-04-04 18:38:46 (UTC)

Back From Canada

Got back from Canada today...I got the shock of my life when I travelled all there only to get to the airport and my friend was not there. When I called him at home he screamed...he had moved the date to end of the month but forgot the little fact of informing me!

I think it was God's plan because he moved it to Easter and I will not be able to go during Easter. he lived on the outskirt of Ottawa in a very big hose in the middle of nowhere...so I was stuck at home with his noisy kids ages 3,3 and 4 he has twins. they are quite a handful but adorable. I had a lot of time to think and read. I thought a lot about my marriage among other things. before i left for Canada I made sure my kids had a mother's day card (each) to give my wife and I also got her a (To my wife on Mother's day) card saying I miss her kiss. I didn't get as much as a thank you on Sunday for this.

She worked late on Thursday and Friday and also went for 'drinks' which I thought was irresponsible considering I was not at home she should have gone home to see the kids. We did chat on BB but mainly through my own initiation.

My friend took me to church on Sunday and i prayed to God about my marriage.

On my return journey i couldn't find my passport at the airport and if I missed my flight I was told it was going to cost me about 4 times the original price (just for one way) and i will have to get a new ticket. I spoke to my friend and my wife. She advised me to take everything out of my suitcase which I did and found it! I had to run to the check-in counter and they had to call to get special permission to check me in....any way I am back at home ....which is so good