Kansas Girl

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2011-04-05 04:22:23 (UTC)

Fabulous Weekend Details

So we had a great weekend all around!!

Friday the boys and I went to blockbuster and rented some movies and then to Gamestop so Brady could get a new game with his own money. We played at the park, made dinner, Noah played Xbox while Chase, Brady and I watched Yogi Bear, which wasnt as bad as I expected. Rod came over after work and we all made popcorn sait in the living room and watching Skyline (good but bad ending) and The Last 3 Days (really good movie)

Saturday the kids and I went to the mall, the older kids seen Battle Los Angeles which they loved and Chase and I had a date and seen HOP, totally cute movie by the way. We walked around the mall, I got a few things at Deb that were on sale and my little helper Chase shopped with me...literally....I had a skirt and grabbed the wrong size but was already in the dressing room changing and he took it and got the right size for me, lol. It was like 430-5 or so by the time we left and Rod was stuck on a job so we took him some lunch..I know I rock, good thing he realizes that too. Later he came over after work and we totally had a houseful. My niece had a group of friends over so my house looked like a teen party going on!! They played flashlight tag, went on a walk in the dark as a group with flashlights, we played basketball in the driveway, I even brought home the group of kids a sack full of tacos (this is totally why Im the best aunt in the world) and then the boys, Rod and I played Wii for alot of the night.

Sunday we did a picnic at the park, flew kites and played at the park. I got to meet his boys and Chase and Reece seemed to hit it off pretty good, Brady was pretty helpful with Ryan at the park while flying kites. Once we got back to my house Noah, Brady, Reece, Ryan and Rod played football in the backyard, Rod got pizza for everyone then played basketball with the boys in the drive way. After taking his boys home he came back over and we watched Sunday night tv and did some cuddling :) it was nice.