Life as I know it
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2011-04-04 06:11:18 (UTC)

I'm a burden...

My parents make me constantly feel as if I'm a burden on them. I work as my ass off trying to save up so Ican get a car and get back o school. But because its taking me awhile esp since theyve been cutting ack my hours at work they gie me shit. It seems like nohing I do anymore is good enough. No matter how hard I try to make things better they still bitch me out over everything. Its really taking its toll on me. As soon as this babys gone I'm seriously considering going into the military. Take my sign on bonus buy a car and move out. Whenever I dont live with them seems to be the only time I can get along with them. Its awful. I hate living with them. I hate having to deal with them. I hate having to handle all the pressure they put on me. I just wish at least for now that they could cut me a little slack. I just need to move out and get away rom them. And the sooner the better. Living here stresses me out so much. Theyre always making me feel worthless. Its got me so depressed. I'm to the point where i've considered cutting again. Which I know is horrible and I dont want to go back to that but this is all becoming more than I can handle. I need an escape. I need a break from all this. I'm scared if this keeps up that I'm gonna lose control again and have another mental breakdown...

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