What about my life
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2011-04-04 02:36:19 (UTC)


Ok today was the worse from it all............I got sick really bad ppl kept thinkin I was very ill and pale. Then I just fly off the handle im going thru a lot........... alot of stress and its killing me I am losing weight everyone sees it that really knoes me. I really want to crawl into a hole and die but then what else will there be????... I am so tired and I cant breathe I am starting to cover up what I feel really good noone sees it I hope!...Ifeel that Im losing a lot in my life or something is missing and I keep tryin to figure this out but the more I do the stress is killin me fuck!! My hair is falling out im dropping weight I cant eat nor can I
sleep......I really just want to die, It would be better I mean no one would see this girl who is up beat and happy even though that is just the mask covering the bruises and blood or the ripped out heart that should stop beating. I just wish there was a way to make sense of what I need or want.
Ok so the razors are looking pretty shinny!!!! I am so glad I can see them but do they work?

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