sex drugs and rock n roll
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2011-04-03 21:12:02 (UTC)

shoot me in the face!!

ok so things between j.t. and i have gotten worse!! my friends wanted me to go to dinner thursday night so i told j.t. and he got pissy of course.. well something happened and they couldn't go so we decided to do it friday.. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!!! he called me every name in the book and turned everything around on me like normal.. really?? all this cause i wanted to go to dinner with friends?? mind you i haven't done anything with my girls in a long time.. maybe 4 times in the 2 years i've been with this asshole... so i go to dinner and my friends they want to grab a drink somewhere a little cheaper than olive garden so i text him to let him know, its only about 9:45 at this point, he's pissed so i go anyway.. 11:15 i call him, im on the freeway heading home, he flips the fuck out.. WOW!! so i turned around to join my friends cause im done dealing with his shit..i had a fucking blast!! that is until my girlfriend staci got pulled over for driving drunk, needless to say we spent the night in jail.. that didn't go over well lmao... the fucked up thing is, she only had a few beers... it had to be the opanions she was on.. yesterday was pure hell all day.. he's yelling and being a dick, im detoxing something terrible.. my life sucks!! hopefully i find something today just to feel normal.. i just need some time away... when will i find my knight in shining armor? when will my happy ending come?

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