Life as I know it
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2011-04-03 04:32:10 (UTC)

Counting down...

Ive now told my parents. Mom took it as well as poosible. She understood and was surprising supportive. Dad freakedd out and got pised off. rought me to tears. Hes apoloized since but I can still see the disappointment written all over his face. Its not like he didnt know that I was haing sex so the fact that I got pregnant shouldnt be so surprising. I dont know. I just dont think that things will ever be the same between us again. I know I shouldnt but I resent him now. For making it so hard on me and for acting the way he did. My parents want me to be open with them and tell them everything but how can I when he acts like that? I know mom will be there for me and wont jugde me but dad...he'll just never understand. Ive been told by so many people to keep the baby but none of them have been in my shoes. None of them have been pregnant. None of them have had to make this choice. Id love to keep it but I honestly cant. I do not have the means to take care of it. I also dont think my body can handle the full term of the pregnancy. My body was fragial before the pregnancy. So I'm not sure if it could handle it. It was falling apar before this so its so much worse now. I think I'm going to get a doctors opinion on it but seeng the state Ive been in I'm afraid of what they'll tell me. Esp cause I know they'll tell me exactlly what I dont wanna hear.