What about my life
2011-04-02 04:39:23 (UTC)

My life as a blurr

I dont get this place they call life,
I cant breathe,
Nor can I think,
I feel like I am being choked everywhere I go,
I shut off from my friends and family,
I never know when I can move cuz I might stop on that crack,
And to see what would happend if I did,
I dont even know where to turn when I am looking,
These tears are filling up my space, my bubble,
I am drowning in my own,
These sharp stabbing are not whats hurting,
They just let me bleed,
The color of it makes wonder,
Why cant I dream nor speak of whishes?
I have to keep it behing these walls,
You all see this girl with a smile on her face is it real?
I hide behind this broken smile to not show how it really is,
The shattered dreams and heart that I have,
It's all gone and never to be found,
I am lost no soul,
Nor to breathe again,
I want to gain,
I have been riped through,
Shoved to the no return,
Please help.

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