2011-03-31 20:19:14 (UTC)

Went Through It All

The rise and fall, the bodies in the streets. ♪

You know, even after ALL of this, I'm still a very, very lucky person.
Oscar Ayala turned out to be my best friend after all. I don't even know hi all that well and he doesn't talk very much. But sometimes I just wanna get up and hug the shit out of him. =)

Kevin...well. Kevin's awesome. he's quiet and has a different personality from what I expected. I like being with him, for some reason it makes me feel like a human.

And who wouldn't.

Louis...well, here and there we've had our fights but he'll always still be my favorite brother. No one has BLM'd like he did. Understood me like he has.

Juan Q. has done so much for me and I feel so bad for not returning any of the favors, but he'll get to them soon.

OMG EMILIO. Heyyy buddyyyy.
I'm in love with this kid. He makes me laugh with his dumbass laugh. But, he had a tough life. I love him, he's awesome, he's really nice too. I could catch a bullet anytime for him. I only want the best for this bro. Lol. Emilio makes me smile, and I can never get him out of my head. NEVER.

no, jacob, just no.