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2011-04-01 00:46:47 (UTC)

Happy Hour

So yesterday one of my best friends text to see if I could do ladies night at Houlihans, which she does alot on Wednesdays. Even called mom (my mom) to see if she would be ok watching the boys for me. Only for Shauna does she say yes lol. Anyway, she was meeting a guy up there she had been talking too so I ofcourse invited Rod. He was able to be done with work early enough and come...Yeahh!!
We had fun, we had a great waitress (Elizabeth) who was outspoken like Shauna and I...I tried to hook Shauna up with a co-worker of her's named AJ who btw was super hot but probably knew it and full of himself but still, I have Elizabeth Shauna's number to pass to him lol...ya that about got me beheaded. Oh we can't forget about the Marlboro Man who apparently had no where else to go because he left and then came back like 20 minutes later, the saloon must have been closed. Then there was Mike. Who was Shauna's friend....and he wouldnt leave, couldnt take a hint and stayed even after Rod and I left. Rod was sweet as usual, I left my wallet in the car and he went to get it for me, he sat right next to me all night and either had his hand on my back or holding me somehow....which is a nice change from what Im used too with other guys I have dated who didnt really like PDA too much. Im glad he was able to come, and be in a normal enviornment with friends and know that he isnt really the jealous type (ok so yes AJ had a nice body and was totally hot and Im not one to keep my mouth shut)and didnt seem to be at all upset that I commented about AJ. Some of my other ex's that would have started a fight even tho everyone in the bar could cleary see I was with someone and just complimenting the niceeye candy who I WAS trying to get Shauna a date with, he's more her type than mine. So far Rod still has an A, he's doing good and I like him a little more each time we get to spend time together <3