Confessions of a married woman
2011-03-30 21:45:02 (UTC)

What is going on?!

I've had a hell of a begining of the week. I hope it improves though!

Yesterday for the first time in my life I got a flat tire! I was on the fast lane on the freeway and there was a hugeeee pothole, needless to say, I got a flat... I had to ride my ass across the freeway with my hazards on (of course) and stupid motherfuckers kept honking at me ... no fucking pitty for a gal with a flat tire! Geesh! Anyway.... I finally made it across the freeway to the left shoulder lane and thank God my sister was with me she was the one that sticked her hand out the window to get us to the right, We got off the car cleared the trunk so we could access the spare, not that I knew how to change a spare but for whomever, if anyone, would help us. We called our brother in law and he was on his way, then a service Metro Patrol stopped for us before my brother in law got there, he switched my tire to my spare, gawd he was HOT, it was very good eyecandy! Well before we knew it we were on our way. I was rushing to get home because my "husband" had told me we were going somewhere, for me not to cook (since I offered) I was dying to know where he was taking me and he wouldnt tell me! When I finally got home he said, I think we can still make it on time, get ready let's go. So I just put some jeans on, flats and a t-shirt, he grabbed Apples (what the fuck? He grabbed Apples! My dog) and off we went, I read on his GPS that it was 35 miles away! I was wondering WTF he was taking me to. I was a little nervous I must admit.

Finally, he says we have to grab something to eat, so we went to this burger joint and got two cheese burger combos and a water for Apples, then he said, since we are here, what do you want to watch... so he was taking me to a Drive-in! OMG a Drive-in!? Really? I had never been! I was so excited. I dont recall the options but I wanted the action packed ones.. it was my choice so I decided on "Limitless" and "Battle L.A.". They were both great movies, I can't even decide on which one I liked best. I had a great time watching the movies at the drive in. It was so chill and nice. I loved the experience. Apples was a happy camper since she was out and about... I would let her out of the car and she would sniff around and then come back to me (on her leash of course, if I 'd let her loose she would run away). Even though we watched two movies the time seemed short, we ended up getting home at midnight and we went straight to bed. What a nice day I had with my X.

On another note, I have not heard from A. :( That makes me sad. I guess he got tired of asking me to go visit him and I never did. Oh well. It is better this way. I was developing feelings for him and it had to stop. Better now that down the road. I miss him though. I miss his flirting... the chills I get when he tells me something sexy... I really do miss him. I hope he's doing okay and not got sent out to the sand box...or maybe he's in the field... hmm I dunno. I wish to see him again, but only God knows when I will be able to. :(

Church, I went to church this past weekend. I have been trying to keep my promise that my mom made to the big guy on my behalf. I must admit that I feel a lot of inner peace when I'm there. I didn't go the weekend of my nephews birthday because I needed to go to work. I plan to keep the church thing going.

Richie..oh that richie.. I wonder what he wants from me. I know he "wants" me but last time he was acting strange. He said, I want to get to know you on a personal level... he had never told me that. I asked him wtf he was talking about. He just asked, what is there something wrong with wanting to know you better. Of course I said no... I always have these mini arguments with him about stupid stuff... he gets under my skin and its like we are an item! OMG no! He is too Macho for me... he reminds me a little of my I def don't want that. Here is our conversation:

Him: Good morning sunshine
Me: Que haces (whatcha doing)
Him: just got up, you?
Me: At work :(
him: lol
me: Don't be mean
him so, how was the drive in movie?
Me: it was fun! Never been to one. It was two movies: Limitless and Battle LA
him: What!? Were they good?
Me: both movies were great!
him: Oh yea, who did you go with? (NOSEY!)
me: Some friends. A lot of batteries were dying lol
him: Some friends? lol
me: OMG I got a flat yesterday on my way home from work :(
him: cool. okay no biggie
me: OMG i was scared
him: Why it's a tire
me: i hand ver gotten a flat and no mofo would sto and help us.. thank God for Metro Patrol Services
him: so did you get a dude to change it for you
me: yea the metro service two truck guy did
him: if i saw you, i would have stopped and asked for your number afterwards lol
me: lol i was afraid to get off... it was windy how fast the cars were going.. oh well.. i'm still on my spare gonna get anothe tire during lunc. And I just got my tires in Nov.
him: So you should have road hazard proteciton right?
me: no i don't
him: They should either reparit that one or give you another tire
me: but it was a flate there was a huge pothole, I couldnt avoid it safely, my fault
him: not your fault, city's fault
me: Well they are not going to replace my tire for free thats for sure
him: so did you get metors number. lol
me: lol noooo but he was hot!
him: I dont know your idea of hot is really not hot. lmao
me: omg shut up!
him I think your idea of hot is if the dude is taller than you and goffy looking, you coin him hot. lmao
Me: lol he was not taller than me, sadly he was short :( But he had a gorgeous face

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