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2011-03-30 18:05:29 (UTC)

Another day another....

Off to Canada tomorrow. I have mixed feelings. I know the break will be good for me to step out of my zone and review my life and re-motivate myself. I hope to come back happier and well motivated to face my challenges. At the same time I will miss the children and the chaos the leave in their wake! I will also miss my wife, well, the cuddling at night time. Yesterday’s cuddling was actually really nice and we had sex although was she didn’t really open her mouth for kissing which got me thinking but I may just be too sensitive…I don’t know. Even afterwards we still held each other with tender strokes all night, which was good. I told her I love her and she said ‘I love you sweetie’. Now my task is to get our day time interaction to be as good and also get her kissing again! I hope with the time away from her she will appreciate me more. Sometimes I think I may be too much of a safe bet and she is taking me for granted. Always at home, always on top of what the children are doing, no scandal at work, hardly goes out partying, not too demanding of me etc Women tend to need men to have some unpredictable edge which probably excites them…am I too much of a safe pair of hands?

In the last few weeks I have felt very vulnerable and all over the place emotionally. I am much better and stronger now. In all these times I was very careful not to say too much to anybody or meet any body as I was dying for some cosseting and pampering.
My wife tends to cosset and be tender overnight which is really nice and like I said I hope we can replicate this during the day….the truth is probably between she is too busy to notice and she is completely oblivious of the necessity….

Some good news…my wife’s contract was renewed with a bumper pay rise…she now earns more than me!! We hope to safe this money to do the extension of the house.

I will try and write while in Canada otherwise see you when I get back…..

The “Why, Why , Why,!!” is still there but reducing…..