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2011-03-30 15:23:44 (UTC)


I hate myself so much right now, everything about me is horrible and i just want 'me' to go away.
this is not attention seeking, so please don't think that..i swear its not and please don't hate me for it.
I feel so self conscious recently, i can't even look in mirrors (except when doing small amount of make-up) because i just feel like crying when i do, my face is gross and my bodys even worse, its so fat :/ im currently trying to lose weight and i've come up with the idea of being a vegeaterian because it means less horrible fatty foods, and i think im allowed to, i'll feel better for it too.
mum collapsed on friday because of her iron intake, its waay too low so shes on more pills, step dad wants to get me tested too because im always cold ect.
only a quick entry so till next time.

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