simply written
2011-03-29 23:58:00 (UTC)

what i did today...........with random friends

today i did not hav school since a pipe had burst in my out of boredom i chilled round my house trying to find sumthing to do. My grandma who lives with me, managed to scold me everytime i thought to eating sumthing. aparently im getting "to fat". according to her one day im fat another im skinny......then i starigtened my hair in an attempt to look pretty since i was gunna meet up with my "friends" later on. once i did tat i watched sum t.v chilled round my house until it was 3 pm then i called my "friends" and headed out to chill with them. i got bored of them soon so i left and came home. once i came home i found my mom and sister arguing in the living room................i hate it when they fite.......even from my room on the third floor of our house i could hear my mom and older sis arguing and fighting.....i'll do anything to fianlly shut them up!!!!