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2011-03-29 11:08:01 (UTC)

Looking fwd to Canada

I have suspended all my daily activities until I get back from Canada on Monday 4th of April. So there will be no update on how I am doing until Tue the 5th. By that time I will be motivated and hopefully accomplish all my tasks.

My deepest worry is my general dull state of mind. I am not happy within myself. I am hopeful by the time I get back I would have found happiness within myself.

Sometimes I am so frustrated as there are things I want to see happen in my marriage that are not happening. Nighttimes are the best as my wife seeks and cuddles me…when I say cuddle I mean cuddle and nothing more….during the day we may as well be strangers…I hardly hear from her at all in the office and at home if I am still awake we don’t get that much time to talk….

I recently decided to give her a kiss (on the lips) when I get home or she gets home, we usually give pecks when either leaves the house. I tried it when she got home and I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips which she responded to. Yesterday, she worked from home and when I got home I tried to kiss her on the lips but she turned her cheek. Now that upset me, am I too sensitive?. So what do I do next time, do I just not bother or try to greet with a kiss to the lips again and risk been offered a cheek? Do I talk about it…that will be the obvious step but at this delicate stage I don’t want to come out desperate…I want to make her want me as well…..

If I am honest I was very scared initially about leaving for Canada. What will she be up to? This is a great chance for me to trust her and hope she misses me and begin to appreciate my worth while I am away. I truly believe this break is good for both of us.