My life as I know it..
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2011-03-28 22:30:13 (UTC)

Losing my grip..

I'm only fifteen.. and everyday I'm dying a little more.

Depression kills and my mom won't give me the time of day when I try to tell her I'm unhappy. That I'm suffering from depression and I just want help. I want someone to see. Someone to care and help me.

I'm trying to hold on.. but I'm not that strong. This pain is unbearable...

I'm scared I won't make it to sixteen. I want to live life, happy and carefree but from the looks of it my mental illness will push me over the edge.

I'm considering heading to my counselour at school tomorrow and telling her everything. Maybe she can get me help, cause I want to live. I do.


Sometimes I think there is something mentally wrong with me.
I have an amazing life, but I am not happy.
I cry and I cry. I burn and I burn.

I just want help. I need to get help. I HAVE to get help before..
I hang myself. Suffocate myself. Take to many pills. ..
Before I can't handle the suffering anymore.

Someone please help me.