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my submissive life
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2011-03-26 07:17:30 (UTC)


I stood naked before my Dom. “I’m going to be travelling the next two weeks so I won’t be around to give you the discipline you need. I’m going to leave you some very detailed instructions for you to obey while I’m gone. When I get back, I will be checking to see that you followed my instructions. You will be punished severely for any disobedience. Understand, pigslut?”

“Yes Sir.”

“The purpose of these instructions will be to attempt to help you maintain discipline and self-control while I’m gone, also to remind you of your place as a lowly submissive. Your behavior and attitude as my submissive should be the same whether I am present to observe you or not. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. You will write down the instructions as I dictate them to you.” He handed me a pen and pad of paper, then had me kneel in front of the coffee table to write his instructions.

“First, you may not masturbate or cum at all while I am gone.

Second, you are not allowed to shave your armpits, legs, or pussy at all while I am gone. You will have to deal with the discomfort and disgust of being hairy like an animal.

Third, every morning after you are dressed and ready for work, right before you leave you will kneel in front of your bedroom mirror, put your plastic pig-nose on, and look at yourself while reciting ‘I am a fat, pathetic, pigslut’ 20 times.

Fourth, your diet for the entire time I am gone will consist of the following: for breakfast – cheerios, a cut up banana, and milk, lapped up from a bowl on the floor like a dog; for lunch – a slimfast shake; for dinner – a dry turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and a small salad with no dressing. You can drink as much water as you want, but only water. You will take your multivitamin. You may not eat a single bite of anything else. This is your meal plan every day for the next 14 days. It is low calorie, healthy, and boring, which is how a fat pig like you should be eating all the time.

Fifth, you will exercise for 60 minutes every day. You will jog for 40 minutes on your elliptical machine and then spend another 20 minutes doing squats, lunges, crunches, planks, and pushups. You will exercise naked except for sneakers and your collar. Between this and your diet, I expect you to lose at least 5 pounds by the time I get back.

Sixth, every evening after dinner you will kneel naked just as you are now and write in your journal for 20 minutes. You will write about how you are dealing with my instructions including whether you have violated any of them. You will wear your tightest nipple clamps while doing this. I will be reading your entries when I return.

Seventh, you will spank yourself every night before bed. On the even days, you will spank just your right ass cheek. On the odd days, you will spank just your left ass cheek. You will use your wooden hairbrush and administer 50 hard licks each night. You will photograph your reddened ass cheek when you are done and email it to me. If it is not red enough, I will assume you did not spank yourself hard enough and the next night you will be required to do 100 licks and video it and post it online.

Eighth, you will obey all additional instructions that I may text or email you at any time. You will not respond to these messages or contact me in any way while I am gone. You will document your obedience to these additional instructions in your daily journal or as otherwise directed.

Ninth, on the weekends you will wear your largest butt-plug whenever leaving the house. Once you return home, you must leave it in for an additional hour before removing it.

And finally, you will make sure that the house is spotless by the time I return. This means all dishes clean and put away, all laundry done and put away, floor vacuumed, no dust anywhere, windows shining, bathroom sparkling, bed made, etc.”

My Dom reviewed my written notes on his instructions. They were accurate, but sloppy. He whipped my palms with his belt 15 times and had me re-write them neater.

“Do you have any questions about these instructions, pigslut?”

“No Sir.”

“Good. These next two weeks will be quite a test for you to see how obedient you can be without me present to supervise and correct you. You will need to constantly remind yourself that you still serve and obey me even when I am not here. You will also need to remember that all violations will be punished severely upon my return.”

The next two weeks were very difficult for me. I missed my Dom and drew weary of his instructions, particularly the bland food and rigorous exercising. About half the days he was gone I did not hear from him at all. The other days I received one or two additional instructions via email. They included such things as: after your usual exercising do 100 jumping-jacks; no make-up may be worn today; spank your inner thighs 30 times each in addition to your regular spanking; sleep on the kitchen floor tonight; and piss on your salad before eating it for dinner.

One Saturday I received a new text message almost every hour with new orders to obey on the spot: slap yourself across the face two times right now; immediately drop to your knees and kiss the ground; put your hands on your head and keep them there for the next 5 minutes; take a picture of your pussy and send it to me within the next 60 seconds; right now grab your right nipple and pinch, twist, and pull it painfully for the next 3 minutes; cover your nipples with red lipstick and send me a picture of them within the next 2 minutes; drop to the ground and do 10 pushups right now; stand on your toes and do not let your heels touch the ground for the next 10 minutes; walk immediately to the nearest wall and stand with your nose touching it until I text you to stop; loudly oink like a pig non-stop for the next 5 minutes; bend over, pull your pants down, and slap your right ass cheek 20 times hard; and finally, shove your left hand into your mouth as far as possible and keep it there for the next 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I was out shopping with friends when several of these texts came through so I opted to ignore them rather than humiliate myself in front of my friends.

That was not my only violation of the instructions during my Dom’s absence. I violated my strict diet on several occasions, failed to exercise 3 times, and neglected to clean all the windows and dust sufficiently. Needless to say, my Dom was not happy with my disobedience. Severe punishments followed:

For failing to exercise, I spent one hour for 3 consecutive nights with my wrists and ankles tied to my elliptical machine while running non-stop and being whipped by my Dom along my back, ass, thighs, and calves for the duration.

For not cleaning properly, I spent an entire Sunday wearing a slutty maid’s uniform and cleaning the house from top to bottom under my Dom’s close supervision. That night I had to remain in uniform while several of my Dom’s friends came over to drink and play cards. Dressed as a slutty maid I had to wait on them throughout the night and silently endure their taunts and groping.

For violating my diet, I was subjected to several hours of my Dom’s version of water torture. Bound to a bench in the basement a funnel was shoved in mouth while nearly a gallon of water was poured down my throat. I felt like I was drowning and it stretched my stomach painfully. After a several minutes of suffering I was forced to vomit the water up. I was then given a very large enema. While holding it, another gallon of water was forced down my throat causing my insides to stretch and cramp even more. Eventually I was allowed to expel them both. With only a couple minutes to recover I was forced to swallow yet another gallon of water. With my stomach still filled and expanded my Dom whipped my stomach with his belt repeatedly before forcing me to vomit up the water this time. Next came a larger enema and more forced drinking. The water torture continued for several hours despite my apologies, tears, and cries for mercy.

And finally, for failing to obey several of my Dom’s texts, I spent the next Saturday performing all of his previous texts while he watched. In-between each task I was given 5 lashes of the cane across my ass. The particular tasks that I had refused to do out of fear of humiliating myself in front of my friends were recorded and I was made to post the videos online for all to see. I had to include with the posts an explanation as to the cause of my punishment. Many people commented that my punishment was not severe enough and offered suggestions for additional punishments. My Dom liked many of the suggestions and decided to administer them and have me post videos of them as well. Those extra punishments included my having to stand on a busy street corner with my hands on head and wearing my pig-nose for an hour without moving; receiving an extra hard spanking with 100 swats of the paddle; having to repeat all of the texted tasks every Saturday for an entire month; and having to humiliate myself by calling each of my friends while being caned and confessing to them that I was being punished for being a naughty girl.