2011-03-25 23:17:04 (UTC)

Anger Management

At this point I hold nothing but anger for the hubs.
I have all this pent up negative energy...

I tried to work some of it off, which made for a great gym session, but the hubs doesn't seem to appreciate it much outside the gym. He seems to think that I'm not taking care of myself, that I'm being wreckless, and that I'm nurturing all the negative.

I could care less.
He tried to get me to straighten up all of my mess. I ended up throwing all my mess into the closet haphazardly. Basically relocating. If he wants to act like nothing happened, I'll relocate all the chaos into the closet. I think he got the message that he can't sweep this mess under the rug. He caused it. Now he has to live with it.