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2011-03-25 10:34:31 (UTC)

Day 1- The Truth Always Surfaces

I hit a new rock bottom with the hubs.

It started this Monday, the 21st. Ironically, we had just made up after a spat earlier in the day, and we fell asleep holding each other. I was just on the brink of sleep when I heard his phone beep. I grabbed it, and although it was nothing alarming, I got curious and started flipping through his texts.

Bessy's father taught us something that still holds true till this day, "If you go snooping, you're bound to find something."
And I sure did.

March 18th --- The hubs and I had just finished celebrating St. Pat's day together. We came back and stayed up late drinking with Beam. I thought we were having a good time... Meanwhile...
He was busy messaging back and forth with some bitch I'll call Spazz.
She made reference to some intimate relationship between them. Although he admitted to having strong feelings to her, he was calling it quits.

My hands started shaking when I read the texts messages. I couldn't believe my eyes. This exchanged happened just 3 days ago. I confronted the hubs, but he didn't admit to anything right away. All I could do was storm out in a fit of rage. I took my purse and the car.