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2011-03-25 10:59:26 (UTC)

Looking for Peace

I can’t wait to find peace again in my heart. I want to know how to trust my wife again. Slowly but surely I hope to get there. I hate the feeling of not trusting or asking questions etc.
My wife was very late yesterday but it is not unusual and I know she is under a lot of pressure at work regarding her current project. I am being positive. When she got home she assumed I was still awake (which I was) and engaged in a discussion about her project. I know she is reluctant to call me at such time to pick her up at the station (she prefers I drop her these days as it saves her time parking and walking to station) so she said she just took the bus from the station. What I would have preferred was for her to have called from work especially when she knew she was going to be very late and mentioned it to me. That shows respect. Also, I was at home from late afternoon yesterday as I had to see my shoulder surgeon (I had an op back in Oct ’10) and she did call the house to speak to the children, which is good, but I never get any call from her during the day at work (or email) just to say “hi, all is good”. I don’t know if it is worth raising these 2 issues or just hope over time things will improve especially if I lead by example. So I call/email her during the day just to say hi, and also keep her updated if I am going to be late back home. Before falling asleep she said “I gave the best cuddles in the whole world” which was nice to hear.

Daily Challenge
Did I wake up early yesterday? NO!
Did I do my exercises yesterday morning? NO!
Did I study yesterday morning? NO!
Did I review and attend to my trading business yesterday morning? YES
Did I review my kids’ school work yesterday morning? A small YES
Did I read on the way to work (in the train) yesterday morning? YES
Did I attend to all my work related tasks? A small YES
Did I read all my literature (magazines, online reports etc) at work? NO
Did I read on my way back home (in the train) yesterday evening? YES
Did I review any daily issues relating to my business when I got home? YES
Did I watch career advancement video before going to bed? NO
Did I take the kids to bed? YES
Did I read my magazines before finally falling asleep? NO
Did I get cuddles? YES!

Score 50%