2011-03-24 20:32:54 (UTC)

What Is To Come

A long while of thought has lead me to believe that a lot of things have been happening over the course of this past year. I met friends, I lost friends, I gained trust, I earned it. I was betrayed, I was smashed, defiled, deranked, put down, stepped on, loved, hated, bitched at and not cared for.

But the most of all was hurt. I've been put through so much pain and pain an pain and I say to myself I can't take it when I actually grow stronger. I love my friends and I want them to pay attention to me. Emilio....I love him. he means a lot to me even when he can't express it himself...which I'm totally fine with. But I say things like that and I get totally bothered later on. I don't know what to say anymore.

Louis is losing his respect for me and I really love him, he still means a lot to me. Everyone else can choke on it...I've never had better friends.