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2011-03-23 18:47:41 (UTC)

So Confused

Sorry diary I had to come back again (today) to write.....

Is it my duty to find out exactly what happened and with whom or just let go?

What kind of man am I if I don't know?

Am I being stupid?

The least is to know who the person is. Her boss? The person she says (whose name I don't know)...so confused.....

Am I being a wimp sweeping everything under the carpet?

If I have a name I can go and see the scumb**

I can't ask her for the name as I already said to her I know who the person was and I had threatened to go and see him in the past. I have enough profile for the person so if she gives me a name it must match the pic, the initials and nationality of the person I saw on her phone.

I can demand for a name...which will def set things back big time as she probably thinks we have moved on and everything is ok.

Do I want to start all this? Sometimes I think I have no choice, as I feel some guy as intruded on my patch. What else have I got?

I feel silly, inadequate, stupid....a lesser man

To be fair she has said she will do anything to prove that nothing happened...but why did she keep her phone away from me for 10 mins immediately after the discovery....for that< I can never believe her....I suspect the only way id to speak to the guy....sorry thumb the guy....I feel so angry...what is the basis of my manhood if I just accept an intruder just like that? May be it is a good thing I don't know who it is as I will go and see him right now...it is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do....accept this and move on....but I keep on hearing this whisper...."Man up and fight for what is yours".....so confused