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2011-03-23 10:11:27 (UTC)

Slowly Slowly does it.....

Just before going to bed I got a call from my wife saying she is just about to leave work and will take a taxi home. Things have surely moved on...this is what i expect from her and she seem to be moving in the right direction. Throughout all the doubts and heartache I tried to also remember the good times....we have been together for about 13 years and in general enjoyed the relationship and not ready to throw all that away. She is a very determined woman and strong character; she also works hard in her career and wants to be successful. I have more time on my hands because although we work in the same industry my job and company is a bit more relax than hers. This is why I try to make life easier for her by pulling my weight at home so she can concentrate on her work.

Slowly I think we are going back to where we were. I hope it continues. Nigh time is the best time right now as we cuddle a lot and encourage one another. She also backs me up with the children...she says “didn't you hear your father say...", "listen to your father..." etc

I am hoping we can transfer this to day time as well.....I want to text her, mail her and let her know how much I care about her but ....lesson learnt.
I am learning to be patient and wait for her.

My task is to show her how much fun we can have together and how much I care and will move mountains for her...in return I want her devotion and love and for her to respect and appreciate me as a husband.

Now that I am feeling much better within myself I have to become disciplined with my finances, career and business. I have so many targets and I am starting today. My day should start early at about 4:40 am with exercise, reading and catching up with my business before the children come down. Once they are down I hope to go over their school work with them for about 30 mins before their breakfast and then off to school and work.
AT work I have things to do and achieve during the day and a number of reports and literature to read. I also have things to read in the train to and from work. When I finally get home I have a few things to catch up on my PC before going to bed. This is my ideal day and challenge...some days I may have to go for business/friendly drinks which may disrupt my rhythm so will try and keep that to a minimum. Everyday I will score myself out of 100 depending on what I achieve......

I need to drive myself to this level and will not stop pushing until I get there.....I hope and pray for stability in all aspects of my private life so that I can achieve all these....I pray for the well being and happiness of my children and the devotion and love of my wife.....

CU tmr....