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2011-03-22 09:48:54 (UTC)

What makes me a man?

Met my wife at train station again (getting use to this). She is home much earlier than usual. I had to ask and she mentioned something about some frustrations with an email correspondence going back and forth. Good to see her at home at this time. Not used to it as all but nevertheless very good.

The night was good as we enjoyed a lot of cuddling overnight. I think this is the base of rebuilding our relationship. The more we cuddle the more we both respond to one another. I also need to be alert and attend to her emotional needs. I have switched off for far too long in that respect.

She mentioned that a number of people asked if she was ok at the partydinner on Sunday. She was a bit subdued and had little make up on.

What makes me a man?
Do I get to the bottom of these whole shenanigans and find out exactly what went on and then deal with it accordingly?

Or should I trust my wife’s explanation even though there are gaps and I have a serious niggling feeling it is somebody else? Should I just accept it and move on and show her I can be a very good husband?

I am struggling with the whole thing….but one thing I know is that we both can have a beautiful thing. I don’t want to lose that. I have so much to give her. I want her to come out of her shell and show me the woman I know she can be. I believe in her so I will be patient.