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2011-03-21 19:04:41 (UTC)

Went out for a date!!! Finally!!!

Well, I finally went out on a date. We had lunch at Panera Bread. Pretty nice place. Her name is Amy. She isn't even close to really seeing anyone yet. She split with her Ex just last Dec so I guess she isn't even close to really dating yet.

Still, we had lunch, chatted, laughed, spoke about her issues with her ex, and a lot of little stuff. It was great!! Sitting down with a women that doesn't lie or want to fuck me over. Not going home to a man after we had lunch. What a concept!

I almost forgot what a normal date is. How I miss the normality of not being abused or spending time with someone with a hidden agenda. Almost made me feel like a normal man.

We didn't even realize we were chatting for two hours. It went by so fast for us. That was the highlight of my week.

I did hang out with my single parent group too. Didn't have the kiddos but we still had fun. I suggested we hit the Ice Cream parlor later. It was a big hit. I also had some issue putting my jeans on

Last Thursday, I played in a dart league. It's like a bowling league but we throw darts instead of bowling balls. I reunited with some of my old pals. I left all of my dart friends years ago in an attempt to help my marriage but that was a waste. All it did was lose my friends and my marriage still failed.

I'm starting to get back into it again. They still remember me and I them. I get to play with them again this Thursday and will consider a spot that's open to play for the entire season. I'll also have to thank my new pal Amy for lunch. She is smart and really exciting to chat with. Cute too. :)

So except for my ex psycho and her psycho bf, this past week was pretty good overall.

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