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2011-03-21 18:51:17 (UTC)

This is so stupid, I almost didn't post it.

It's been awhile since I posted. Anyway, I heard something so stupid and so unbelievable, I almost didn't post this. I figured people would think I made it up. So here goes....

Got the classic email from the Ex. Misses me and wants to come back home to me. She tells me that she is trying to work things out with her bf so she can leave him. (This isn't the unbelievable part yet).

She tells me that he doesn't go to work when she is off. He checks on her every move and never lets her have her free time. (I keep thinking about the bed she made and to sleep in it).

She then tells me he hates me and wants to hurt me. I tell her that I can take care of myself. God didn't make men equal. Smith and Wesson did. I got my firearms and can use it to protect myself if this psycho ever came after me.

So then she says later that she is protecting me by staying with him. I don't know why she keeps saying this. I think she wants to get a rise out of me. Anyway, I tell her that this sounds so stupid and how can she even say that to me? She tells me I don't have to believe it and I will someday thank her for this.

I guess that did it! I snapped back at her and told her she is so fucking warped!!! If I was really in any danger, then she should just call the cops! I asked her to read what she just emailed me and asked her if she could read it with a straight face! Told her to fuck off with her games and I was too old and too tired of her games.

Told her to live, die, whatever but leave me alone. I cannot believe how some people can make things up in their head to make it seem like commiting adultery or in my case saying she loves me but stays with the other guy is justified. If I ever think this stupid, I want to be shot in the head.

The things that spin in people's heads never cease to amaze me. What a pair of dumb fucks that I have to deal with.

All this just started because I was speaking to the ex about the kiddos. I attended a mtg with the 5 yr old's teacher and she says that he is doing below average. I told the ex that I could help him study more and work on it on some weekdays with him. I asked to see him this last weekend and she said that she missed the kids so she wanted them. Whatever..... Then all the stuff I wrote above transpired.

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