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2011-03-21 10:49:09 (UTC)

Learning to Live again....

I need to start living again...I have so many challenges in my business and career. My personal development is a challenge. I have been derailed for the last month or so but now I am stronger to face my challenges that will lead to my legacy. I need to start now before it is too late.

I met my wife at the train station on Friday on way home. I was a bit surprised to see her as I thought her office drinks will lead to one of those late nights. I decided to cancel football the next morning so had a lazy morning in bed with my wife which was good.

Did not do too much work this weekend and lost more money than I made in my trading business so not happy at all.

The party on Sunday was ok. Better than I thought and I had a cigar which was refreshing.

Spent Sunday taking my son to football and visiting my cousin. Seeing the interaction of their family made me sad......in a good way. I miss that carefree interaction I had with my wife and my home. I hope to work myself back to having a trusting relationship with my wife.

I hope to spend this week getting back on track with my career and business and not moving too fast/slow with rebuilding my relationship with my wife.