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2011-03-19 15:25:31 (UTC)

Vacation is almost done!

So its Friday night and we had a pretty good week. I spent alot of time with the boys and playing at the park, basketball, went roller skating, fishing, nature walk, the older boys are at a skate party lock in tonight and Chase and I went and seen Rango, dumbest movie ever I swear.

Now, onto the personal life. Im still talking to Kelly, not sure whats going on there and I dont know if I should just go with it and see if he asks me out again for this weekend, or if I should hint at it or if I should just come out and ask what he consider's us...because this is not my expertise here, I hate dating and I hate not knowing where I stand with someone but alot of ppl would see that line of questioning as being pushy, and Im not (in this matter) just kinda curious if he just see's us as friends, or if there's an "interest" there or what. Then there's Josh. He is like my achilles heal, the forbidden fruit...why you may ask? because hes 23 thats why. We met on Yearbook (sort of like facebook) and it took weeks for him begging and asking over and over for my phone number, then even longer before I agreed to hangout with him as friends (we went and shot pool then seen a movie) but he's not a typical 23 yr old. He's been in the military, been deployed and has seen more than I have both good and bad. It sort of suprised me how much we had to talk about when we hung out and I was suprisingly confortable with him. He's not wanting anything serious, we talked about it the night we hung out and I even asked him on the phone what he "considered" us and he said he didnt know and that he enjoyed my company and likes me but wants to take things slow so Im not sure what Im doing or expecting but I cant blow him off for some reason. Oh well, this one I guess will have to be a wait and see until either A. something changes or B. I write him off as a temporary lapse in judgement lol.

Ok, Im going to watch Criminal Minds now, just waiting for the boys to call and tell me they are ready to come home!!

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