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2011-03-18 09:50:06 (UTC)

Upwards and mobile

Got home about midnight night....went for some drinks and curry....my wife was still awake and receptive....we just cuddled up and slept which was nice....she is going out for drinks tonight...I hope she gets home before midnight so I can reciprocate.

I told her I lover her (and she said she loved me too) this morning after another cuddle as she got up from bed. I wished she said it first though....that will make me feel so special.

I am very hopeful as we rebuild the relationship. It is not easy to just swipe everything under the carpet. I still have doubts and not fully trusting but as I have always said, she is the only one that can eradicate such feelings.

Not looking forward to a dinner party this Saturday as we have to play happy couple. I don't think I am ready for that. I want to rebuild the relationship privately before embarking on any couple outings. This I suspect is too early. The scars are still raw. I hope to find a way to get through the night.