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I will laugh at most things but relish intelligent banter and light hearted debate.

I can't get away from it, there has to be a physical attraction.

Also chemistry and a sense of belonging

Emotional intelligence and self awareness are important.

be socially at ease

I value intellect but I value emotional intelligence much more.

a natural, intuitive understanding of things.

she's having accidents but she's really inconsistent with the descriptions of those accidents

we got a games to gets to!!

she fell and her wrist absorbed all the impact..

since the blade didn't hit any major arteries or nerves, then maybe a controlled extraction would be safer and less invasive than a full on surgery

on some days, cigarettes were my remedy of choice

she exudes a kind of sad/ill-fated/doomed glamour,

"you are, so much more than a friend...so much time we spent..."

"do you remember the way we made december warm..."

to sit in a classroom with girls who could be so vicious.
Suffice it to say, I’ve carried this sense of distrust towards other women throughout my life, which has ultimately colored my adult relationships.

the richer one get's then the more entitle they might feel to having an affair.

one of the main factors spurring affairs "is that sense of entitlement: the desire to have your needs met without regard for the needs of others."

There are people who go after your humanity, to tell you that the light in your heart/kindness in your heart is a weakness. don't believe it.

-You're beautiful..
-Ohhhh, i'm not beautiful, i'm brilliant! if you want a piece of me, compliment my brain!...

If that's jealousy, then let jealousy reign!

-you were above it until you got fired!
-And yet i still have standards..
-So i don't have standards?!
-Sure you do, like when you went to wee behind a wheely bin the other night, you made sure no one could see you. classy touch..

-Some of us have to use those two awful words in the same sentence
_yes, well first dates can be awkward..

Sometimes in order to know where to place a guy on a scale, you have to compare them with another person - like forming a good argument, or honing down your opinions - not only is it good, but it's also necessary to see other people/look elsewhere..

If his actions are trustworthy, then there's no reason to be jealous..I'm not the guardian of his morals, i expect him to deal with being hit on..

In the 15th and 16th century... pineapples symbolised...

Much like everything else in your life, that apology was underwhelming..

You look offended. Are you offended? why, do you think there's something wrong with being gay?? well then we're good.

your outfit looks endangered!

I will speak on behalf of the entire male Canadian population, because we all have the same personality.
You are indeed correct in your thinking. It is true that ALL Canadian guys act like that.
At a young age we are forced to learn the rules of chivalry and if we do not obey the rules and develop the exact same personalities we are shipped off to Nunavut where no one can hear our screaming.

Nigeria is an awesome place, except when it comes to administrative shit/administration, i mean as bureauracratic as this place is (UK), it still works.

I'll see you sometime, ...some undetermined time that's convenient for you..

Of course that's who you are.. you're THAT guy..

cos we've all got to be going somewhere

it's the gutless and safe choice. you're so safe/accident conscious that you wear a helmet when you walk/sleep/around the house

welcome to lake flaccid.

him: why don't you come to my game tomorrow?
you: (jokingly) why don't stop smothering me. way too much too soon..

you: you're weird (jokingly)
Him: how?
you: well the comment about nude modelling was pretty telling/weird..
him: you said that, not me
you: well whoever said it, it made me feel really uncomfortable...

a- you should maybe next time warn me about the length of the story..
b- yeh?
a- yeh. it kinda dragged on a little bit there. just trim the facts

Oh, well i wasn't gonna say anything (when they mention something critical about themselves)

First of all, it’s a pleasure to respond to someone with a name that sounds vaguely human.

Secondly, I’ve never read He’s Just Not That Into You. So, I can’t really speak to the sociological validity of that text’s theories based on my own experiences. Jargon out of the way, let me pontificate: The Shy Guy Exists! (In Morpheus’ baritone from the scene inside the caves of Zion in The Matrix: Reloaded)

Their default mode is one of self-consciousness.

A woman, who shall remain nameless, said to me, 'You're going to love LA, Paul, because over here ambition is not a dirty word.' And I thought, 'Well, you've named one of the things that I feel quite patriotic about.' It's still a little bit embarrassing in Britain if you're seen to try.

(about consumer culture) when we buy things we tend to post-rationalise our decision.

it's not romantic if its premeditated.

he hasn't called. so yeh, he's obviously in love with me. (sarcastically, and disillusioned)

-your name... phoebe?
-close. ruth.

its action driven rather than character driven..

old school hunch backs, skinheads... where did they all go? do you think there's an island somewhere

everybody hates you. even people you haven't met hate you. in fact your mother called just to say she was glad she hadn't heard from you.

there's candles, weird lighting, a child, wine... you know, stuff's gonna happen..

even things like eating has become difficult to enjoy It's been fetishised by this idea of lifestyle

we've all become nimble fingered midgets who demand to be able to do everything on the move.

you're a right royal nuisance

Learn to punctuate you daft monkey! I am distinctly average.

I suspect the SPW is using the well worn strategy of making imbecile utterances to gain media attention but the claim did hit a small nerve. There was a turning point in my life, somewhere in my middle 60s, that people started to be helpful. Kindly offering me a seat in a bus, or holding a door for me, or offering assistance carrying things. As I have got older this assistance, always well meant but fortunately frequently unecessary, has become more intrusive. Strangers get grabby as they try to aid me up stairs, for instance, or help me load groceries. It's not that I am offended or ungrateful but it does make me feel a little emasculated and transmits the sense that people see me as weak or frail. There is a degree of humiliation. So while I reject the broad thrust of the claim I would agree that even generosity of spirit should be exercised judiciously and with regard to the self esteem of others.

some silly feminist ploy about matrimonial home rights!

"Oh, and the term "girls" is much more romantic than "women", it's redolent of youth and fertility"

You have fallen into the trap

You reacted to the attention seeking micro-minority opinion expressed by the SPW.

Everyone should do that which they (SPW) hate the most -

Totally ignore them.

I think you guys are just making more out of this article from what I see as mostly tongue in cheek and surely meant to provoke, than the article deserves.
That's it, basically.

Before subscribing to such a pernicious philosophy women should realise that they have sectioned themselves off from that which gives full meaning to life, the journey men and women take together. I can think of one prominent feminist who patently wishes she had never opened her mouth on the matter.

They condemn themselves.

"They seek to forbid charm, subtlety and nuance in human behaviour."

As far as feminists are concerned, it is not men that are the enemy, but other women - specifically the more attractive variety of woman.

The real hatred possessed by feminists is of the unfair advantage conferred upon their attractive sisters, which is why they so busily proscribe all behaviours by men that recognise women on this basis.

I'm glad he's had a good experience but the amount of work they told me they expected during a day was staggering – I've no doubt the quality must suffer when the writers are under so much pressure.