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2011-03-16 11:23:23 (UTC)

Taking it slowly....can I?

Yesterday evening was not very good. I struggled with some thoughts in my mind....I was so much at peace before when i though my wife was exclusively mine...I need to find that peace again.....to be honest she is the only person that can get me there. Her attention, love and pampering will make those thoughts a distant past.

Still playing it cool as we rebuild our relationship again. She is definitely paying me more attention when we do see but the only contact during the day are on domestic and admin stuff. Nothing like, 'how is ur day going?' . 'see you tonight?' etc....I am playing the patient game and hopefully we will get there....I have so much to share with her but restraining myself.

She got home earlier than usual last night but I was already asleep but crucially she literally 'attacked me'....that is...in a good way....she was so up for it....and we enjoyed a wonderful intimate session together....sex with her is so special.....and she also slept without trousers!

This morning she was very talkative, explaining to me what she is currently doing at work etc...which is a big step forward...I hope I don't jump the gun and start all my lovy dovy stuff again....it is crucial that I maintain the same pace with her as we continue to rebuild what is going to be a wonderful relationship.

I have grown from this experience and I am more complete as a man...I have learnt a lot...also I have come to appreciate certain things and people....

It is crucial that I look after myself and make sure as an individual I attain the destiny God as put in me.....I also want to show my wife how good a husband I can be.....my kids of course, I want to be a good father......