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2011-03-15 10:49:58 (UTC)

Feeling Better today....my wish

Feeling much better with myself today although I am a bit disappointed I did not wake up early to exercise and study. Tomorrow is another day. I am calmer and not seeking any cosseting from my wife. I am also trying to respond positively to her comment and touches. I am still angry which helps me. Angry more with myself because of the way I reacted to the incident. Although looking back I should not be too hard on myself as I was in a 'trance' as I put it. I could not just handle the shock. I thought I had a special bond with my wife. Now in my mind we are starting again but will not leave my heart exposed like that again. I am also angry with her….what was she playing at….I still don’t understand……

One thing this has thought me though is to work hard for myself and make myself a better person and not rely on anybody. I also want to show my wife how good and responsible I can be even though I am very angry.

My wish?

I wish to be an achiever in all the targets I have set myself for my business and career.

I wish to become a better father.

My relationship with my wife....my wish is that we start on a positive note and hopefully see it grow into a strong and deep relationship......

so help me God