Kansas Girl

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2011-03-15 16:28:10 (UTC)

1st day of vacation!!

So today was "officially" my first day of vacation. You dont know how hard it is to know I have work to do and Im taking time to myself...that normally doesnt happen very often and I almost feel guilty like I am letting my co-workers down or something....see total control freak I know!!

Well I had a great day, Shauna and I met at the mall and had some lunch, did some serious people watching, some girl talk then hit the mall for some shopping. I had 1 agenda, find a new wallet because the zipper on mine broke. We tried on clothes, Shauna ofcourse looked amazing in everything but I was a different story. I felt huge in almost everything but I did find 2 tops that I liked and I trust that if it didnt look good, Shauna would of told me lol. Shauna got some cute tops and tried on this "hootchie" dress that we actually ended up loving but she couldnt justify buying it with no where to wear it too.

I did have to pick up the boys tonight because, well beause my exhusband is an ass, but oh well, I love spending time with the boys (when they dont fight) and we are going roller skating tomorrow!!! Ok Im not skating but they are lol.

Fyi....I wanna find and read Water for Elephants. I seen the movie trailer and I really wanna read the book before it comes out!!

Guy Corner:
Kelly and I had a good time Friday and are still talking.
Josh and I had a good time Saturday night and still talk
Cory comes home next month, Im so excited!!