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Silent Grief
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2011-03-12 14:13:59 (UTC)


I am so sick and tired of so many people complaining and whining about the acts of our government and how it is deteriorating for SOME individuals! This may be true, yet have they answered a few warranted questions before whining? There were tremendous and record-breaking numbers that came out to support our very and well-deserved President and what's happening now after the fact only shows that the numbers were because of the history that was in the making! I wonder why the numbers don't support the same for our city mayors and governors....legislators and council members, etc. Yet when the laws that are put into effect by these levels of gov't that affect those on a city and county level, there is uproar and disappointment. The same energy and level of confidence that was held to elect our current President should trickle down to the small folk-elect that speaks for those that complain so much! So if you only voted for the President because of one of the more obvious reasons and that was the last/only time you voted, SHUT-UP and deal with the cards that you were given!