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2011-03-11 10:43:02 (UTC)


Today feels better. I got a bit more response from my wife last night. Although I spoke to her at about 8:00 pm (she was in the office) to tell her I had left the car for her at our station but when I had to pick up the car about 15 minutes later I sent her a txt message to let her know I had to take the car again. I didn’t get any response. I called her office and mobile numbers about an hour later still no response. She finally sent me a txt at 9:30pm that she is having a quick drink with Wendy an ex colleague. She then sends another text at 11pm that she will take a cab home. Why didn’t she tell me she was having drinks at 8pm?

I couldn't sleep. Slept for about 2 hours in total.

Having said all that she was very responsive and talkative yesterday night and this morning and we did share intimate moments and I didn’t notice any drawback from her…..so confused.

I lover her so much....